News for Dec. 17, 2005

King Kong more realistic with today's technology

12/17/05, 11:10 am EST - Xoanon

LOS ANGELES --- When director Peter Jackson was 9 years old, he fashioned a model of King Kong from his mum's fur stole. Three decades later, he's once again recreating the cinematic gorilla, but this time using digital technology for his remake of "King Kong." The Kiwi filmmaker gave Kong a more realistic makeover, in deference to today's savvy audiences that have benefited from Dian Fossey's work and Animal Planet programming. He's now a silverback gorilla, an adult male of the species, with a distinct patch of hair on his back, large canines, lean muscles, a "beer belly" and a sagittal crest --- the elevated ridge along his skull that gives him a Don King-type air. [More]