News for Dec. 14, 2005

New 'Kong' monkeys with game industry

12/14/05, 3:09 pm EST - Xoanon

When Peter Jackson's new film "King Kong" opens nationally on Wednesday, fans of the original 1933 movie won't be the only ones with an advance sense of the story line. Thousands of people have been playing the "King Kong" video game since late last month. And while the game and the film by the hit-making "Lord of the Rings" director didn't come out on the same date, the releases were close enough to be seen in the two industries as a tandem launch. Kong is the latest example of an evolving trend in Hollywood that many see as the future of filmed fiction. With some Hollywood films like "King Kong" costing as much as $200 million or more to make, the film business is desperate for ways to recoup some of those expenses. And it is turning increasingly to its video game licensees as a way to do so. [More]