News for Dec. 10, 2005

Peter Jackson Interview: TheCinemaSource

12/10/05, 10:37 pm EST - Xoanon

We recently sat down with Peter Jackson to discuss the epic filmmaker’s gigantic remake of King Kong. A film that has been on the director’s mind ever since one fateful Friday night decades ago, “I saw it when I was nine years old and started to experiment with stop motion the day after I saw it. On Saturday I got made a dinosaur and tried to animate it frame by frame.” He then went onto share that he actually had tried to remake the film when he was only twelve but, “didn’t get very far before I realized it was a bit ambitious.” That ambition would finally pay off when in 1996 the film was given the go ahead by Universal. However it wasn’t too far along when it ran into a “monstrous” problem. “They pulled the plug when Mighty Joe Young and Godzilla were coming out because they didn’t want to be the third place in the monster movie race.” [More]