News for Dec. 07, 2005

Weta chief passionate about home and work

12/07/05, 7:44 pm EST - Xoanon

KongisKing Red Carpet Photos - Richard Taylor NEW YORK: Thirty five floors up in New York's Mandarin Hotel, overlooking snow-carpeted Central Park, Richard Taylor is talking about the ions in Wellington's air. The Weta Workshop chief is passionate about home and as a source of inspiration for his work. "This is humanity run amok," he says, glancing at the dizzying skyline of towering skyscrapers and traffic bustling far below. "It's amazing for a few days." Wellington's geography and climate may intimidate lesser souls, but it invigorates Taylor. It is the centre of his world. He cannot imagine being so productive in a smoggy centre such as Los Angeles. [More]