News for Dec. 07, 2005

Jackson Defends Kong Length

12/07/05, 2:01 pm EST - Xoanon

Peter Jackson, director of the upcoming King Kong remake, defended the movie's length—three hours and seven minutes—and told SCI FI Wire that it could have been even longer. By contrast, the original 1933 film, which served as the template for Jackson's remake, ran only 100 minutes. "Three hours," Jackson said with a sigh during a news conference in New York last week. "Ah, the three-hour question. Yes, ... I know. I've got a problem. I feel like I have. No, we thought that movie would be about two hours 10 minutes, two hours 15 [minutes]. And after doing the Lord of the Rings films I really didn't feel that I wanted to make another three-hour film, because they're hard work. It gets to be very intense to have to do post-production on a film that long. And we thought with the original film being one hour 40 [minutes] that we would be okay." [More]