News for Dec. 07, 2005

'King Kong' premiere swings into Times Square

12/07/05, 1:48 pm EST - Xoanon

NEW YORK Bigger truly is better when it comes to King Kong. The supersized remake of the 1933 classic film, about an oversized ape who is taken from his home on Skull Island to Manhattan to become a sideshow attraction and is ultimately soothed by the love of blond actress Ann Darrow (in this case, Naomi Watts), had its world premiere in Times Square Monday night. Universal, the studio behind the film, erected a massive statue of Kong and screened the three-hour action/thriller/love story in two multiplexes. The revelry continued at the jungle-themed after-party on the Hudson River, where dogs performed in a canine burlesque and the VIPs frolicked in their own roped-off area away from the hoi polloi. [More]