News for Dec. 03, 2005

TV Watch: King Kong Special on Dateline

12/03/05, 5:36 pm EST - Xoanon

Friday night's episode of 'Dateline NBC' featured a look at the phenomenon of King Kong and its effect on Peter Jackson, as well as an interview with Jack Black. The King Kong segment was really in depth, with some great shots of PJ and his '33 collectible goodies, as well as insider clips of Andy Serkis (right from our production diaries) and Naomi Watts. The interview with Peter was very introspective..we even get to see him in Bad Taste! The highlight of the Dateline special however was the great Jack Black interview, where he even admits he wasn't expecting to get put in a PJ film. This video is 25 mins long and is a BIG download...any Torrent users please select the torrent option! (114MB MOV). [More] [Torrent]