News for Nov. 30, 2005

Wellington pipped for premiere

11/30/05, 11:42 am EST - Xoanon

The New Zealand "premiere" of Peter Jackson's King Kong in Wellington on December 14 is fantasy. Kong will actually have its New Zealand premiere at the Village SkyCity in Auckland at 11.59pm on December 13. It will be followed by simultaneous screenings at theatres throughout the country at 12.01am on the 14th, 18 hours and 59 minutes before the official "first" screening at the Embassy. Kat Sprowell, manager of Brooklyn's Penthouse theatre, said yesterday that the public screenings had been approved by New Zealand distributors United International Pictures. The Penthouse will show the $292 million film on a new wall-to-wall screen to a $20-a-head audience. Hoyts and and Reading Cinemas also plan midnight screenings. [More]