News for Nov. 30, 2005

Cinefex Talks King Kong!

11/30/05, 11:30 am EST - Xoanon

The Cinefex journey to Skull Island began with a 6,700-mile trip, 24 interviews with 30 interviewees in four days, a dozen tapes' worth of conversations with artisans at Weta Workshop, Weta Digital, miniature effects and physical effects teams involved with the production of Universal Pictures' remake of King Kong. The climax of the trip included a powwow with filmmaker Peter Jackson the man whose face greets arrivals at Wellington International Airport in a giant mural built, in typically quirky and creative 'Kiwi' style, out of slices of toast. Interviewed at the height of postproduction of the $207-million Hollywood epic, Jackson a self-confessed movie enthusiast and lover of the nuts-and-bolts of cinematic illusions lit up at the opportunity to reminisce about the experience of bringing his dream project to theater screens for a new generation of filmgoers. [More]