News for Nov. 15, 2005

'Kong' creator sought difficult, dangerous life

11/15/05, 7:09 pm EST - Xoanon

Larry D. Curtis writes: Merian C. Cooper didn't live a remarkable life he lived several of them. Cooper is most famous for creating and directing the character and film "King Kong" and if that were the sum of his life he would still be worthy of interest and praise from biographers and film buffs. But Kong was only a part of his 80 years as a filmmaker, director, soldier, prisoner of war, explorer, innovator, businessman and mogul. His life is getting new exposure because of the new "King Kong" film coming this December from Universal Studios. Money and Hollywood always attract interest, but his legacy would be relevant and interesting without the newest remake of his seminal film. In the 1933 "Kong" (as well as the 2005 remake), Carl Denham is a film director who seeks out an uncharted island so that he can make an adventure film. Denham is, of course, based on Cooper, as well as his faithful friend and co-director Ernest B. Schoedsack. And it's Cooper's temperament that rings most true in Denham. [More]