News for Nov. 14, 2005

Kong DVD Review

11/14/05, 10:52 pm EST - Xoanon

From It's been a long, long wait. Nearly eight years into the DVD format, finally Warner has come through with a DVD of one of the greatest fantasy films of all time: Willis O'Brien's stop-motion animation masterpiece, King Kong. For the most part, the wait has been worth it, since the intervening years have been devoted to locating the best possible source materials and doing an extensive restoration. The film, one of the last AFI Top 100 to make it to the format, is available in several different versions: a two-disc special edition, a collector's tin of that same special edition plus a reproduction of the original program from Grauman's Chinese Theater, and as part of a four-disc set that includes its sequel and its semi-sequel, Mighty Joe Young. [More]

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