News for Nov. 02, 2005

Wray's Spirit Lives In Kong

11/02/05, 12:48 pm EST - Xoanon

Peter Jackson, director of the upcoming King Kong remake, told SCI FI Wire that original Kong actress Fay Wray offered current star Naomi Watts valuable insights into the role, but sadly died before she could appear in the remake herself. "Naomi does channel Fay Wray a little bit, because she met Fay as well," Jackson said in a news conference beamed by satellite from New Zealand in September. "We organized a dinner, and Naomi and [Jackson's wife and co-writer] Fran [Walsh] and I met with Fay, and we spent a fantastic evening with her and asked her lots of questions ... about what it was like to act in the '30s. Because, obviously, Ann Darrow, who's the character that we're talking about, ... is an actress in the 1930s, and Naomi was playing this role, and she had an opportunity to talk to Fay Wray." [More]