News for Oct. 30, 2005

Stardust Magazine Talks Kong

10/30/05, 8:31 pm EST - Xoanon

Stardust Magazine Talks Kong The people from Stardust Magazine write: As one of the editors of Scandinavias biggest film magazine I'm happy to announce that the new issue of Swedish outlet STARDUST MAGAZINE is dedicated to KING KONG and its director Peter Jackson. The issue contains a 15 page special tribute to KING KONG that covers an article about the new feature film and its actors, an article about the 1933 original, a special about Peter Jackson and a quiz were you can win prizes worth over 400 US dollars, including tickets to the premiere of KING KONG and a Special Edition dvd of the 1933 original. We thought we'd send you an image of the cover of the issue that was released on october 26, in hope that you find our common interest in the KING KONG movie and Peter Jackson pleasing. The best of luck to you and your fine work on the website! [More]