News for Oct. 29, 2005

Rod Stewart sued over logo use

10/29/05, 11:56 am EST - Xoanon

ONCE-GRAND Hollywood movie studio RKO Pictures is suing British rocker Rod Stewart for allegedly using its famous logo to promote his new record. RKO, which no longer operates as a film production studio, filed a federal trademark infringement suit to protect its classic logo that depicts a radio mast with lightning bolt-like radio signals emerging from its tip. RKO's logo opened the studio's classic 1930s and 40s films above the words "An RKO Radio Picture" or "RKO" in a lightning-bolt style font. In the suit filed in Los Angeles, RKO accused Stewart of violating copyright in a 2004 tour logo in which the name "Rod" appears in capital letters, centred around a radio tower with lines at its tip that make it appear to be emitting a signal. [More]