News for Oct. 14, 2005

Kong Score Do-Over?

10/14/05, 3:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Reports are coming in that Howard Shore has been replaced by James Newton Howard to score the King Kong film. From Sources in the film music industry have indicated to SoundtrackNet that Howard Shore's score to Peter Jackson's King Kong has been dropped. Hired to replace him is composer James Newton Howard. Due out on December 14, the film requires over two hours of music, which must now be written over the next few weeks.

There is no indication currently as to why Shore's score has been replaced, and all indications are that most - if not all - of the score has already been recorded in New Zealand. The replacement score will be recorded in Los Angeles. More details to come as we get them.

TORN/KIKN: Is currently trying to independently confirm or deny this rumor. However James Newston Howard's unofficial site also lists this news.