News for Oct. 13, 2005

WETA Animatronic Animator Update

10/13/05, 8:26 pm EST - Xoanon

Wolftotem writes: I thought you might be keen to see that there is life after LOTR. The man behind Treebeard's, Frank Cowlrick, recently lent a very able hand to another animatronic maker Pip Longson, to bring to life a miniature animatronic dragon for my short film, The Odd Sock Thief. Frank said it was the most difficult thing he'd worked on since Treebeard. With four of us operating the wee beast, cables up one leg and 'fire' from the dragon's mouth, not a wonder. The Odd Sock Thief in in the final stages of post-production. Frank has since been doing the creature effects for The Little Shop of Horrors musical at Downstage Theatre, and like Pip, worked on miniatures for King Kong. More info is available at