News for Oct. 11, 2005

Lottery goes Hollywood

10/11/05, 7:09 pm EST - Xoanon

The state lottery is teaming up with Hollywood for an unprecedented cross-promotion - wedding the multimillion dollar "King Kong" remake to two new lottery games. One of the "King Kong Millions" games will feature scratchoff tickets offering a top prize of $8 million - the most money ever in a New York scratchoff game. But the unquestioned big prize is a minimum $50 million jackpot in a separate drawing to be awarded Dec. 5 from the top of the Empire State Building, where King Kong famously perched before his death. "King Kong is so closely identified with New York that it makes perfect sense for us to do this in conjunction with the movie," Lottery Division spokeswoman Jennifer Mauer told the Daily News yesterday. [More]

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