News for Oct. 06, 2005

Kong: The Island of the Skull Book News

10/06/05, 12:09 pm EST - Xoanon

The Island of the Skull From IGN: The December release of the video diaries on DVD exemplifies Universal's commitment to involve companies, and fansites, in the early marketing of the movie. Variety, in their October issue, reports this was an executive decision, straight from the top. By doing so, Chief Stacy Snider and Co-President of Marketing Eddie Egan intended to show companies the kind of movie they're making. It was easy to open the studio doors because Jackson has lot of things to say, and stories to tell. One of these stories is integral to Jackson's version of King Kong. To tell it, he enlisted the services of author Matt Costello (writer of the story-line for the Doom 3 videogame). The result is: King Kong: The Island of the Skull. To date, we haven't heard much about this prequel story. But now we're going to shed a little light on it. We have an exclusive debut for you: an excerpt from the prequel novel. We also have the brand new copy from the back cover. [More] [Pre-Order]