News for Oct. 03, 2005

Kong ship sheds movie makeup

10/03/05, 6:03 pm EST - Xoanon

A freighter converted for a central role in Peter Jackson's King Kong is unlikely to become a tourist attraction once the film is released in December. Workers have begun dismantling sets fixed to the 50-year-old boat, formerly the Manuia, which has been a familiar sight at Miramar wharf, Wellington, for the past 18 months. Jackson, who bought the ship in Tonga, transformed it into the Venture, which visits King Kong's home Skull Island. Many of the features added to the boat to make it resemble a 1930s freighter were removed late last week. King Kong publicist Melissa Booth said the boat was being "de-dressed". "It's a boat with a set on it, so the set part of it is being taken off." She said she did not know what plans the $200 million film's Hollywood backers, Universal Pictures, had for the boat now that King Kong was nearly completed. [More]

Take a look at's exclusive images of the Venture ship being 'de-dressed'.