News for Sep. 30, 2005

Universal marks Kong footprint

9/30/05, 3:48 pm EST - Xoanon

SEPT. 30 Fans inspired by the Dec. 14 theatrical remake of King Kong to immediately run out and buy the soundtrack, coffee table book and other related merchandise also will have the rare opportunity to purchase a DVD filled with 3 hours of bonus features from the movie months earlier than usual. Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release an elaborately packaged two-disc collection of 54 of the Internet video production diaries from the set of the Peter Jackson film on Dec. 13 (prebook Nov. 8), just one day before the film opens in theaters. The continuing video journals featuring Jackson and all the stars and crew at work on the movie, as well as early looks at the various incarnations of the giant ape have been posted regularly all year at fan web site The shorts were produced by Lord of the Rings DVD production company Pellerin Multimedia Inc. [More]

Xoanon here, YES we know about the PPD DVD, we will have links for people to pre-order soon. However we are currently trying to work out a way to keep them online.