News for Sep. 22, 2005

The Giant Ape Climbed Here. And She Was Why

9/22/05, 3:32 pm EST - Xoanon

It is a silent tribute to the beauty who screamed her way to fame in the clutches of a giant gorilla in love, created by a fan who collected stacks of movie memorabilia. A permanent exhibit featuring "King Kong" movie posters and photographs of the film's star, Fay Wray, is on display on the ground floor of the Empire State Building - a place that the actress once wrote "belongs to me, or is it vice versa?" Miss Wray, who stood atop the building for the last time several months before she died at 96 in 2004, appeared in about 100 movies. But she was remembered best for screeching and writhing in the powerful grip of King Kong in 1933. [More]