News for Sep. 13, 2005

'Kong' display scales old heights

9/13/05, 12:03 pm EST - Xoanon

Fay Wray's private collection of "King Kong" memorabilia has found the perfect home - the Empire State Building. A permanent photo and artwork exhibit that pays tribute to the big ape, his little lady and the 1933 movie opened yesterday at the skyscraper where they vaulted to fame. When she died last year at age 96, Wray left behind a treasure-trove of photos from the making of the film she only came to embrace later in life. "She made other movies, but she couldn't get away from 'King Kong,'" Wray's daughter, Vicki Riskin, said as she pulled aside a black velvet curtain in the building's art deco lobby to unveil the keepsakes. [More]