News for Sep. 11, 2005

Huge. Awesome. Irresistible. Just Not Overbearing

9/11/05, 2:43 am EST - Xoanon

NBC Universal's "King Kong" will still be nine days short of its opening. But on that day the studio plans to introduce the third incarnation of its soulful simian to 8,000 of his closest friends at what promises to be a gargantuan movie premiere. Nearly a year in the making, the party - with a seat for New York's mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, and 3,000 for admirers who win tickets in various promotions - is expected to tie up Times Square in Manhattan and 38 screens in a pair of 42nd Street theaters at the height of the holiday shopping season. Actually, 7,000 fans already made a passing acquaintance with Kong in July, when the director, Peter Jackson, sent a seven-minute scene (in which the ape battles dinosaurs) to Comic-Con, the comics convention in San Diego. And 30,000 theatrical trailers, dubbed in 11 languages and subtitled in 20 others, have been playing around the globe since June 29, two days after a 150-second teaser had its debut on the Web site of Volkswagen, a promotional partner for the movie, and on various NBC-Universal outlets. [More]