News for Sep. 09, 2005

VW Gets Konged

9/09/05, 7:37 pm EST - Xoanon

Volkswagen has a thing for classic horror - how else can you explain the Thing? Or the original Fox, for that matter. Still, we canít help but think the new King Kong movie might not be the Touareg SUVís best friend. We were with Benz when The Lost World chewed up a dozen M-Class prototypes and it was not pretty. And while VW execs safely ensconced in their Wolfsburg HQ might think itís safe out there ó ďThe film and the creature itself fit very well to this SUV with its off-road capabilities and ability to move confidently from rugged jungle outposts to city streets,Ē says Joern Hinrichs, Head of Volkswagen Global Marketing. [More]