News for Aug. 31, 2005

Michel Ancel: Beyond Good

8/31/05, 3:04 pm EST - Xoanon

After years of almost uninterrupted disappointment, it's hardly surprising that we shudder almost every time someone mentions movie-to-videogame adaptations. The fact that people are still holding up GoldenEye on N64 as The Way To Do Things eight years on isn't great. Electronic Arts has had a few decent cracks with its The Lord of The Rings titles, but then it soils its own linen with unbelievably shoddy fodder such as Catwoman or the a succession of underwhelming Bond games. Activision almost nailed it with Spider-Man 2, VU Games flopped badly with Van Helsing, The Hulk and Dark Angel and yet got it right with The Chronicles Of Riddick, but for the most part publishers contents themselves with ultra-safe kid-friendly fodder that most of us could do without. So much potential, so little end product. [More]