News for Aug. 11, 2005

TV Watch: Brody on 'The Tem Show'

8/11/05, 2:34 pm EST - Xoanon

Gandalf (via Great H) from our messageboards sends this along: Adrien Brody appeared on 'The Tem Show' here in NZ on Prime TV last night (Wed 10). Unfortunately I couldn't get a video rip, but can provide the audio from the interview by Temuera Morrison (Once Were Warriors, Star Wars). The piece started with a clip from 'The Piano' then moved to Adrian playing the piano for Tem followed by the interview. During the dialogue, some PD and trailer footage was cut in between shots of Tem and Adrian talking. Also, a longer segment of the trailer was featured towards the end. The female Tem speaks to before and after the piece is singer Anika Moa. [MP3 (4.6MB)]