News for Jul. 20, 2005

Comic-Con 2005 goes ape for King Kong Cartoon

7/20/05, 11:17 am EST - Xoanon

MrCere writes: SAN DIEGO – Well, well, well, damned if Peter Jackson didn’t pull of a little miracle. See, Comic-Con in San Diego, especially on Saturday, is a big outlet for Hollywood hype. For the price of a quickie plane ticket, a cab ride and 6,000 baseball caps or posters, big movie studios can target a core audience for a genre film like a sniper through a scope. Fans pay $40 to something close to $100 (all week pass) to basically sit through Hollywood’s commercials on the Saturday of the Con. Showing your commercial to people who pay for the privilege of watching it is a pretty special marketing opportunity. [More]