News for Jul. 04, 2005

More Comic-Con Goodness

7/04/05, 10:07 pm EST - Xoanon

Joe DeVito writes: A heads up on Kong at Comic-Con. There will be a King Kong panel on Friday, July 15, from 2:30PM-4PM with Ray Harryhausen, Mark Vaz (Living Dangerously - The Adventures of Merian C. Cooper), Brad Strickland and myself (I think Ray will have the first half hour and then the rest of us will join in for the next hour. Following the panel, from 4:30PM-6, Ray will join me and Brad at the Dark Horse booth for a signing of my KONG: King of Skull Island book. I'm not sure how long Ray will sign with us, I imagine the first half hour at the least. I'd say the chances it is going to be the only time that it will ever happen. I can't wait! [Comic-Con]