News for Jun. 22, 2005

Promo for Trailer Description

6/22/05, 1:03 pm EST - Celeborn

Kong fan RShow sends us this description of the clip being shown to promote the trailer release on Tuesday. Since its has minor spoilers, please highlight to read.

" Just wanted to let you know that I caught a preview of the King Kong clip. It was while I was at work,and I was in the break room at around 2:40am on 6-21-05. It showed a few long neck dino`s walking through the jungle and then it went to a woman standing in the jungle looking at a T-rex then out of nowhere these two hairy arms came down as though they were standing over top of the woman and I saw her turn around and looked up with a scared look on her face and not saying anything. At that time then it went off. From what I saw, it looks as though it may be a good movie. Just thought you would like to know. Take care & God Bless."