News for Apr. 28, 2005

The Cooper Kong

4/28/05, 9:42 pm EST - Xoanon

Cooper Estate Statue Author Joe DeVito writes: I wanted to send over some exclusive shots of this Kong statue that I sculpted for the Cooper Estate. It was inspired by the pre-production art for the 1933 film, though the piece varies in some details. One of my favorite parts is the dome of the Empire State Building. The pre-production art was created before construction was finished. No one knew exactly what the top would look like; which is the reason for the design on the sculpt. Išve always been a fan of the nostalgia surrounding Kong and therešs something about the Art Deco alternate universe aspect of this piece that I really liked sculpting. I attached the ad since it shows all the basic info for those interested. The statue is being solicited by Diamond right now (# MAY053697) and can be ordered through any comic book retailer, or through Bud Plant. The estate will be launching its own website shortly as well. Delivery will be late September/early October.