News for Apr. 19, 2005

HP Delivers Digital Foundation to Entertainment Industry

4/19/05, 9:43 pm EST - Xoanon

HP's strategy to drive the digital transformation of the entertainment industry took a major step forward today with the announcement that Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ascent Media Group, Warner Bros. Studios and Infinity Broadcasting are leveraging HP innovation to revolutionize the way they create and distribute content...Warner Bros. Studios and HP also announced that they have teamed to restore the 1933 classic motion picture "King Kong." One of the American Film Institute's 100 most beloved films and named to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, the original camera negative of "King Kong" has long been destroyed, leaving only elements and prints that have been deteriorating over the years. Warner Bros. Studios has brought the best elements and prints from all over the world and has scanned them into a 4K digital file. Using HP's "dirt and scratch" technology, which was developed by HP Labs, the 72-year-old classic will be digitally restored to its 1933 brilliance. A new camera negative as well as new archival elements will be created so that the film will be saved for generations to come. This new, restored version of "King Kong," as it was originally released, will be screened theatrically and broadcast on television, as well as released on Warner Home Video. [More]