News for Mar. 31, 2005

Follow the Progress of EIGHTH WONDER

3/31/05, 7:03 pm EST - Xoanon

Keeper of the Kong Files JOHN MICHLIG announces the debut of his EIGHTH WONDER BLOG here . The EIGHTH WONDER BLOG will keep fans up to date on the progress of John's new project, EIGHTH WONDER: THE AMAZING TRUE STORY OF CARL DENHAM AND THE BEAST-GOD OF SKULL ISLAND, which is the companion book to an exciting new documentary by filmmaker James Mansfield. Bookmark the site for news, announcements and previews of the project, due for release in November, as well as links to stories and sites related to the strange incident that inspired 1933's KING KONG. In the next few days, the EIGHTH WONDER BLOG will debut cover art for the book, which will be published by Avalon.