News for Mar. 30, 2005

Production Diary Goof! UPDATE

3/30/05, 12:29 pm EST - Xoanon

Anthony Cox writes: My friend and I have gone into King Kong over drive! So much that we did a tribute to Peter and the gang by making our own Production Diary. Alternatively, because there is a limit as to how much can be downloaded from these web pages, you can access my public iDisk if you are running Mac OS X.

In the FINDER menu click on the GO tab > iDisk > Other User's Public Folder, it will prompt you for a username, enter anthonyjcox and simply drop and drag the desired file.

K Bacon sends this along: Windows XP users can download and install this utility. If they're using Windows 2000, open My Computer, choose Map Network Drive from the Tools menu, then click "Web folder or FTP site." Enter the following as the location to add:

If they're using Windows 98, open My Computer, double-click the Web Folders icon, then double-click Add Web Folder. Enter the following as the location to add:

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