News for Mar. 29, 2005

The Spirit of Kong: Legacies and Horizons

3/29/05, 2:02 pm EST - Xoanon

Atomicmutant writes: As we all look forward to the release of Kong 2005, these boards are full of speculation and discussion about how the new Kong will honor the original. Will Kong look like 1933? Should he? Will this scene, or that be replicated? Will there be a spider scene? These discussions caused me to think about Kong in a larger context and to begin to examine the legacy that brought us all here in the first place (and as you'll see, yes, I'm also talking about LOTR and Peter Jackson fans). So here are some musings about the legacy of Kong that hopefully in some ways illuminate my thoughts beyond a simple paean to dinosaurs, jungles, and giant apes. [More]