News for Mar. 27, 2005

Dear Diary: Action!

3/27/05, 9:17 pm EST - Xoanon

Ever wanted to know what it's like on a movie set? Directors are revealing all in online journals. Lately, making movies has become a strangely transparent process. Directors and studios, in their never-ending quest to build buzz for big summer releases, are opening their sets to the public via Web-based video diaries. Like so many other trends, this one started with Star Wars: back in 1997 George Lucas and Co. had the bright idea of posting little video postcards online from the set of Episode I. No spoilers, of course, just a few tidbits to chum the waters for hungry fans. Flash forward to the making of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, when Peter Jackson became friendly with a group of fans who ran a website called When Jackson wrapped Rings and started King Kong, the gang from launched and Jackson began sending them video-blog entries every few days--46 in all so far. [More]