News for Mar. 15, 2005

Authors Costello & Golden talk KONG novelizations

3/15/05, 9:25 pm EST - Xoanon

Horror writer Matt Costello knows how to keep himself busy. In addition to writing the backstory for the DOOM III videogame (see item here), working on a new series of books—the first of which, IN DREAMS, will soon be published by Berkley—and adapting his 2004 novel MISSING MONDAY as a TV series for the USA Network, Costello has also been chosen to pen a book inspired by the upcoming remake of KING KONG directed by Peter Jackson. "There will be two books," Costello tells Fango, "a prequel and the novelization. My friend, the writer Christopher Golden, was contacted to do the novelization, and he and an editor recommended me for the prequel." [More]