News for Feb. 12, 2005

Production Diary: Day 90

2/12/05, 11:18 am EST - Xoanon

Production Diary: Day 90

Peter Jackson's New York set is so realistic and detailed, right down to the alligators in the sewers! Ok, so there may not be alligators in the sewers, but just what is down there? What makes that steam come out from underground? Grant Major and his crew go behind the scenes and show us how they manufactured such a tiny detail that adds so much aesthetic quality to the set. And what about the real New York sewers? What are the theories to the real steam coming out from below? Listen to the crews answers, and you be the judge! [QT6 240x132px 6Mb] [QT4 320x176px 12Mb] [QT6 480x264px 15Mb] [Bit Torrents!]

Email us your questions and PJ may answer them in a future Production Diary!

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