News for Feb. 03, 2005

New York Night Shoot

2/03/05, 6:37 pm EST - Xoanon

New York Night Shoot Gandalf writes: After a late night adventure I can report that night filming is well under way! As with other locations before Christmas, the lights for the New York set are clearly visible from the other side of town and I couldn't help but be attracted to them. It would seem I'm not the only interested fan as several others were also viewing (and listening to) the action. Only part of the set was being used, namely the street with what was the Burlesque house but is now the Princess Theatre. We watched extras take place in the street ready for action which followed the sounding of a loud horn. The scene was probably one when Kong is loose, as a truck with a huge spotlight pointing to the sky was being driven down a neighboring street after which people could be seen running followed by very loud machine guns (did I mention LOUD?!). Not only did the machine guns sound awesome, but bright muzzle flashes were clearly visible. This scene was repeated several times, and listening carefully I could actually hear (most likely PJ) yell "CUT" before the loud horn was blasted again. Interestingly, the street they were shooting in (both cameras and guns) appeared to have snow lying around... Much of the remainder of the set lay in subdued darkness, with the name "Exchange Buffet" visible on one building next to the "Strand" on the street the tram runs along. Check out these photos of the set by night, then download a small video with the machine guns and listen carefully for "CUT" before the horn... [More] [AVI Movie]