News for Dec. 28, 2004

Village Wall Set Update

12/28/04, 11:34 pm EST - Xoanon

Village Wall Set Update Gandalf writes: After visiting the New York set I returned to the Village Wall set to find the wall... gone! A largely empty lot is all that remains, with a lonely blue screen propped up by a few shipping containers. What is left however, is the part of the set with old village ruins in front (or behind?) where the wall stood. All the statues have been removed, but several stone buildings and stairs still remain - some parts intact and at odd angles. Also on site are the two massive skulls that once might have flanked a path or entrance to the village(?) - one of which has broken and fallen down. While much of the set dressing is probably gone, I'm sure you'll agree that what's left still looks impressive! [More]