News for Dec. 21, 2004

Kong: King of Skull Island Release Date

12/21/04, 8:12 pm EST - Xoanon

Joe Devito writes: I'd like to thank everyone who has e-mailed me asking about the release dates for KONG: King of Skull Island. I have just heard back from DH Press with a definitive schedule. KONG will be available Wednesday, Dec. 22, at your local comic book store. Visit or call 1-800-Comic-Book to find the shop nearest you. I've been told that major book outlets such as Borders Books and Barnes & Noble will not have the book on their shelves until late Jan due to the way things are set up through the distributors. No one knows exactly what the deal is at Amazon, although the book is no longer listed as 'not yet released'. So if you want a King Kong Christmas, the surest way is to check out your local comic book store ASAP - many thanks and I hope it was worth the wait! [Buy 'Kong: King of Skull Island' on today!]