News for Dec. 14, 2004

Big Primate at the Zoo

12/14/04, 1:53 pm EST - Xoanon

Big Primate at the Zoo Driving through one of the southern suburbs today (Tue 14) I noted some new BPP location signs that led to Wellington Zoo! The "BPP" sign was followed by a "2nd Unit" sign leading to the front entrance, while the "Tech Entrance" sign was a pointer for vehicle access off a side road for the production trucks to get into the zoo itself. Filming for King Kong was confirmed by someone at the zoo, although exactly what was being filmed is unknown... Incidentally, there's quite a large primate section at the zoo here with several species including monkeys, chimps, baboons, gibbons, lemurs and tamarins. Also present is the endangered "Tuatara" (meaning "spiny back" in Maori) - the only living survivor of an ancient group of reptiles that roamed with the dinosaurs and that have not changed in millions of years. [More]