News for Dec. 12, 2004

Speaking of New York

12/12/04, 1:18 am EST - Xoanon

More Images from New York After being so impressed with PD68 I thought I'd head back to the New York set for a look... and it's fair to say construction is forging ahead! It's truly big and still growing, with the first four shots giving a wide view of the sprawling set. The first obvious addition is the train tracks running down the wide streets and many of the buildings are now part way through painting. From ground level I've taken several photos of the various facades, a couple of which look like theatres. Parts of the streets and sidewalks are now cobbled and paved and you'll also see near finished sections of brick wall - possibly for part of the set near the docks? Lots of photos in this update with so many interesting things to see! [More]