News for Dec. 08, 2004

Opera House & Venture Images!

12/08/04, 12:39 pm EST - Xoanon

Kong Opera House & Venture Images Gandalf writes: After 'KiKn' myself yesterday at not having a camera handy, I was able to return to town today (Wed) to find a similar scene at The Opera House. Extras in costume were again soaking up some sunshine on the balcony, with a row of production trucks and busy crew out the front. Old style outfits were clearly visible, while the guy in the second photo on the far left appeared to be in sailors clothes. I did manage to visit the Venture on Tuesday and found it looking mostly finished (and older) with more paint on the structures and masts, new black funnels and lifeboats (when compared to this photo from late October). On my return today (Wed) I found the Venture... gone! It set sail today, so I stuck around until it returned to the wharf in Evans Bay. The photos are all of Wellington Harbour, and in the second to last shot you can see the little boat that was shadowing the Venture as it sailed across the harbour and returned to the wharf. [More]