News for Nov. 19, 2004

Nothing escapes the eye of true Kong fans

11/19/04, 12:08 pm EST - Xoanon

Fans of Peter Jackson's $200 million King Kong continue to pore over every minute detail on filming in Wellington in an attempt to work out what we will see. An eagle-eyed fan even went to the trouble of enlarging a tiny picture stuck to a clapper board (Sticker Kong Lives! -Xo) in one of the videos on website It shows the head of a ferocious-looking gorilla. Could this be it? The face of the 15-metre beast that battles biplanes while gripping the top of the Empire State Building? Unlike some video games based on movies, Jackson is having input into the King Kong version to play on televisions and computers. But people will also be able to play a King Kong game on their mobile phones. The game, which features Skull Island and New York, will be released the same day as the film on December 14, 2005. Meanwhile, some details of spinoff toys were revealed at the New York Toy Fair. Besides the usual range of action figures there was a 35-centimetre King Kong Skull Island Playset, a pair of "King Kong extendable arms" and a King Kong v T-Rex battling game. [More] [Article Scan]