News for Nov. 13, 2004

More Kong Set Images

11/13/04, 11:27 am EST - Xoanon

Kong Set Images: The Wall/New York Gandalf writes: A big update today, including several photos from the new "Village Wall set" taken during the last week. Seeing this set for the first time was impressive - it's much bigger than the Skull Island set where the first outdoor filming took place. The wall here is full size and contains the "gates" that Kong eventually breaks through during his pursuit of Ann after her rescue. Construction is continuing, but parts of the set look ready for the impending filming - especially sections of the wall where painting looks complete. In the first few shots, you can see the wall with some nearby little temple-like buildings - some yet to be painted. The next photos show some of the scaffolding supporting part of the set well in front of the wall, including a massive rock skull towering above some of the workers. The next photo shows the stairs leading to the top of the wall next to the gates that featured in day 20's production diary and in the recent newspaper article. The last couple of shots from this location show one of the little temple-like buildings during painting, and some more human sized statues. The final images come from the suspected New York set - spot the difference with previous photos to identify the changes in the last couple of weeks. [More]