News for Oct. 31, 2004

New Kong Set Being Built?

10/31/04, 11:00 am EST - Xoanon

New Kong Set Being Built? Gandalf writes: With filming moving from Lyall Bay, I've roamed a little further for these photos. The first few are various views around Stone Street. In the eastern suburbs little signs with black/orange arrows on them point the way to the sets. From the front entrance to the main studio you get a glimpse of the big blue screen where the replica Venture was, past the big concrete sound stage. The back of that screen is supported by the big container wall that we've seen before in one of the production diaries. The remaining photos are of the suspected new Kong set in Seaview that 'Silmarien' spoke of. Not a lot of action there today (Sun 31), but you can clearly see the fake buildings being constructed and supported by... you guessed it - more shipping containers! No concrete evidence that it is a Kong set, but it certainly looks that way and is being constructed about the right time in the filming schedule. [More]