News for Oct. 31, 2004

Final Days At Skull Island

10/31/04, 10:37 am EST - Xoanon

Final Shooting Days for Skull Island Outdoors Gandalf writes: "And... CUT!" Filming has now concluded on the Skull Island set in Lyall Bay. Since Friday, the catering marquee, small fleet of caravans cars and trucks have all left and the set now sits empty. The first couple of photos give you a final look at the rock and moss covered bank getting some close attention on Thu 28th, and are the last before I was shot at during my escape! The remaining pics from today (Sun 31) show some more of the set detail including a better look at the long blue screen used for some running and shooting action. The final photo shows the empty lot where the support operation was based. Production here has been a treat to watch. Thanks PJ and happy birthday! [More]