News for Oct. 16, 2004

Skull Island Nears Completion

10/16/04, 11:04 am EST - Xoanon

Skull Island Nears Completion Gandalf writes: Over the last couple of days another marquee has been erected across the road from the site as preparation for filming continues. With what appears to be final coats of paint in places, some parts of the set look finished, or close to it, while other sections clearly have more work to be done yet. In these photos, you can see paint being added to the bank on the right of the blue screen, while the next two shots show the rocky terrain in front of and up the middle of the blue screen itself (Kongs lookout near his cave perhaps?) Just across from the screen, the rock wall here looks as if painting is complete, while the other side of that section of the set is still under construction. Lastly, the long blue screen now has rocky detail on the ground all the way along in front of it (now partly hidden by the black windbreak cloth) as well as some rocky outcrops poking up. The black windbreak cloth has been hung on the surrounding fence at both the northern and southern ends of the set. Needless to say that pedestrian traffic has incresed over the last few days as interest in proceedings grows!