News for Oct. 12, 2004

Skull Island Takes Shape

10/12/04, 9:57 pm EST - Xoanon

Skull Island Takes Shape Gandalf writes: Yesterday, painting of the rock wall started and this morning with detail being added it's looking impressive. I'm guessing that the section we're looking at will form part of the wall separating the village from the jungle on Skull Island, as it's got that "man-made" look about it. The other photo shows the rapid transformation of the framework near the blue screen, with rocky outcrops now evident. I can also confirm that filming on this set is rapidly approaching. "Film Wellington" sent letters to residents in the area informing that "Big Primate Pictures" will be filming on site during the next few weeks and that "final dates and hours will be weather dependant". During filming traffic will be stopped and temporary speed reductions will be used on the road next to the set. We also received the following advisory note, "There will occasionally be the use of special effects replica firearm shots and smoke machines. The film company will inform emergency services before the use of these."