News for Oct. 10, 2004

More Skull Island Goodness!

10/10/04, 9:11 pm EST - Xoanon

King Kong Set Images Gandalf writes: Looks like the first day of fine weather today. After some on-again off-again rain over the last few days. This will no doubt will keep the folks on site happy as the set construction continues. Since Friday, another marquee has been erected near the site entrance, behind what I assume is the little white "site office". In this photo you can also see the top of the large blue screen on the other side of the container wall. The next shot shows the right front edge of that blue screen with more framework starting to be covered in plywood. Across from the blue screen, the rock wall is taking shape day by day. On the other side of the containers supporting the rock wall, is a completely covered plywood wall with what appears to be an arch or entrance-way at the far end? The final picture shows the long blue screen next to the natural bank running along the back of the site. [More]